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The middleweight champion has discovered a trade for Canelo Alvarez who has been suspended for a half year by the Golovkin vs Martirosyan Nevada Athletic Commission for falling flat two medication tests.Golovkin will protect his WBC WBA and IBF titles against Vanes The NightmareMartirosyan at the StubHub Center.

Golovkin vs Martirosyan Live
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GGG vs Martirosyan Live
GGG vs Martirosyan Live Stream
GGG vs Martirosyan Live Online

The match will be broadcast live on HBO beginning at 9 p.m.ET.It is the first run through Golovkin has featured a nonpaypersee broadcast since 2016.He has my regard and I am preparing hard to protect my titles against him said Golovkin.I am cheerful to be back on HBO and battling at StubHub Center since they have awesome boxing fans.I will give my fans another enormous dramatization appear.

GGG v Martirosyan
GGG v Martirosyan Live
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GGG vs Martirosyan Fight
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Golovkin v Martirosyan
Golovkin v Martirosyan Live

We should see Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez rematch the date expected since their first gathering not by any means soon after the draw was perused however extremely even before the battle happened.It would do enormous business so notwithstanding some hugely disproportionate challenge a rematch was likely.It would in any case be boxings greatest battle.

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Yet at any rate we dont have that battle.Furthermore we dont have Demetrius Andrade or Billy Joe Saunders or Spike OSullivan or Jaime Munguia or any of alternate names that came into the discussion as a substitution.Its Vanes Martirosyan over the ring from GGG on Saturday.

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Golovkin has taken care of business in his last two battles with Daniel Jacobs and Canelo however I dont think well see that here.This is a possibility for a naturally 36yearold Golovkin to resemble The Kentucky Derby Eliminator once more going up against a profession junior middleweight who hasnt battled in two years.There is threat in any battle and Martirosyan is a decent expert who cant be disregarded totally however Golovkin is the unmistakable most loved and ought to be.

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Legitimate to God I like Vanes Martirosyan as a contender.Hes given Erislandy Lara two extreme battles as I would see it that specialized disadvantage in 2012 and the misfortune to Lara in Vanes last battle in May 2016 where I had Martirosyan a considerable measure nearer than pretty much anybody to be reasonable.

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In any case its difficult to disregard two or three things.To start with he hasnt battled in two years.That is a major warning.Second hes not a characteristic middleweight and Golovkin is.To the extent measurements Vanes is recorded an inch taller than Gennady with a similar reach.Hes additionally four years more youthful.In any case Golovkin I think will look like and be the greater man in the ring on Saturday.

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Golovkin (3701 33 knockouts) and Alvarez battled to a draw last September and the rematch was the most foreseen episode of the year.However Alvarez tried positive for clenbuterol.Should Triple G beat Martirosyan (3631 21 KOs) the rematch with Alvarez likely will happen later in the year.Alvarezs promoters say he will come back to the ring in September.

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Martirosyan has lost three of his last six battles including to Erislandy Lara for the WBA super welterweight crown last May.He has not battled since.Gennady Golovkin at long last has an adversary for his May 5 fight.Gennady Golovkin versus Vanes Martirosyan Last Question and answer session Saturday May fifth at the Stubhub Center in Carson California.

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Martirosyan lives in Southern California in Glendale so he would be a superior decision to battle Golovkin at the StubHub Center in Carson California than the 33yearold OSullivan who lives in Ireland.Martirosyan is still now sufficiently prominent for Golovkin to acquire numerous PPV purchases if his May fifth battle is broadcast on HBO PPV.Nonetheless Golovkins battle on that date is being moved to general nonPPV HBO.